We are not your average animal vet clinic.

We are Animal Medical Center at Cooper City.

AMCCC understands the importance of knowledge and technology, but that’s just one part of the equation. We also believe that true success hinges on the genuine relationships we form and nurture over time, both personal and professional. It’s about providing general animal medical care with compassion, expertise, and precision—and building a team that is passionate and committed to being the very best.


The AMCCC Commitment

Invest in technology

to deliver the highest quality veterinary care available.

Stay up-to-date

on the latest training and service protocols.

Mentor and support

our most valuable asset: our people.

Provide care

on a personal level, with compassion and understanding.

Serve the community

of Cooper City but also be a vital part of it.

Value every relationship

from pet owners to veterinary partners.

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