Darryl G. Schumaker

Practice Manager

Darryl grew up in the Midwest graduating in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. Upon graduating from college, Darryl started his career in Washington, D.C. managing a Congressional Office for a U.S. Congressman and later went on to manage and produce 2 Emmy award winning television shows (The McLaughlin Group & McLaughlin One on One) with the late John McLaughlin. Darryl also was the Director of the International Summit of Young Technology Leaders, an educational organization that brought technology leaders and high achieving high school students together. In 2002, Darryl moved to south Florida to begin his career consulting and managing several large veterinary practices and directing 2 non-profit animal aide groups. Darryl joined AMCCC in February of 2016.

Darryl is married and has 4 small dogs.

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